A brief outline of future plan for Mark Masonry in Romania.

The Petition for the Traian Vuia Lodge No. 2010 has now been approved by the MW Grand Master and it will be consecrated in Timisoara, which is approximately 340 miles north west of Bucharest on Saturday 25th May.

Plans are also well advanced for the formation of what will be the sixth Lodge of Mark Master Masons in Romania, to be titled the Mihai Cristea Lodge, in Sibiu on the 13th July. We anticipate that the Petition be submitted to Grand Lodge towards the end of May.

Following which we plan to return to Bucharest in late October for TMIL to possibly undertake an advancement ceremony immediately prior to the consecration of another Mark Lodge. We anticipate that the following day the seven Mark Lodges, currently unattached, will be formed into an Inspectorate.

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